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The Effect Of Puc18 And Lux Plasmids On Ampicillin...

Michelle Trujillo 5702361 Michaela Salisbury BSC 1010L U60 Effects of pUC18 and lux Plasmids on Ampicillin Resistance of Escherichia coli Abstract This experiment was designed to test and observe the transformation efficacy of the pUC18 and lux plasmids in making E. coli resistant to ampicillin. Both plasmids code for ampicillin resistance, however, the lux plasmid codes for a bioluminescence gene that is expressed if properly introduced into the bacteria’s genome. The E. coli cultures were mixed with a calcium chloride solution and then heat shocked, allowing the plasmids to enter the bacteria and assimilate into the bacterial DNA. The plasmids and the bacteria were then mixed in different test tubes and then evenly spread onto petri dishes using a bacterial spreader, heating the spreader between each sample to make sure there is no cross contamination. Each of the dishes was labeled and then incubated for a period of 24 hours. The results were rather odd because every single one of the samples grew. Several errors could have occurred here, cross contamination or possibly an error in preparation as every single sample i n the class grew, meaning all samples of the bacteria transformed and became ampicillin resistant. Introduction In this experiment we were meant to observe the transferring of DNA. There are many ways in which DNA can be transferred into an organism, for example; transformation, transduction, and conjugation. In our experiment we usedShow MoreRelatedGene Expression And Its Engineering1634 Words   |  7 Pagesprocess of transformation using Escherichia coli as a host (1977), which allowed for the easy reproduction of human insulin. Using this method, the production of human insulin became large-scale, faster, cheaper, and more accessible. A weakened strain of Escherichia coli (E. coli) was used as the host for the production of human insulin because as the bacterium reproduces, the plasmid DNA and the gene coding for insulin is also reproduced. The B-galactosidase in E. coli is the enzyme that controls theRead MoreObservation Of Gene Expression Using Various Plasmids2240 Words   |  9 PagesObservation of gene expression using various plasmids (pUC18/lux), and their role in E. coli transformation Nawaz Rahman Panther ID: 5029032 Signature:____________________________________ Lab Partners: Manuel Vera Giselle Janoura Jeniffer Marranca Section U17 Abstract Small circular pieces of DNA molecules located inside the nucleoid in bacterial species (prokaryotes) are known as Plasmids.Plasmids do not dictate the survival of the host

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Artificial Intelligence Vs. Ai - 1364 Words

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE or AI is a machine or a computer that learns from the surroundings and the mistakes it has committed in the past and then uses its logical processing system to evolve into an improved machine or a computer. Artificial Intelligence can be broadly classified into two categories namely; I. Specialized AI. II. General AI. I. Specialized AI: The computers, sophisticated machineries, automated systems for specific tasks are specialized AIs. Specialized AI is developed to serve a specific purpose for the assistance of humans. Such systems are programmed only to perform application tasks. Example: Automatic brake systems in a car, motion sensor based automatic toilet flush, autopilot in an airplane and so on. II. General AI: The types of AI that are still unknown to the human race or those which are just on paper as a futuristic idea come under general AI. The technology that is known to us but is in its initial phases and undergoing development also comes under this category. Example: The AI machines we often see in movies. Further more AI can be categorized as; I. Embodied AI II. Disembodied AI. I. Embodied AI: The AI technology that interacts or relates with the physical entities and interacts with the physical world that human beings interact wit is termed as Embodied AI systems. For example robots, who perfectly represent the category in terms of its physical relation and interaction with our world (human world matter). The system developed byShow MoreRelatedRationalism vs. Irrationalism1607 Words   |  7 PagesRationalism vs. Irrationalism Jane Evans was spending a week at the Crown Point Ward girls camp. She and her friends were laughing and enjoying the crisp night air. They giggled and talked of crushes on boys and gossiped all night about the notorious girls at school. But the fun stopped when a rat bit one of the girls. Screaming, squirming and frightened, they worried and stayed awake for the remainder of the night. Unable to sleep, they decided to go indoors, to avoid anotherRead MoreHow Ai Can Bring On A Second Industrial Revolution1360 Words   |  6 PagesID: 10946471 How AI can bring on a second Industrial Revolution Introduction When the arrival of new technology often makes us surprised and curious. But in fact a lot of technology to a large extent can be expected. These physical and chemical reactions, consisting of wires, switches and electronics, determine most of our predictions. And show a repeating pattern, or that these patterns form a trend. We do not know its specific direction, but these are inherent in the trend of technology, deeplyRead MoreArtificial Intelligence and Video Games Essay1622 Words   |  7 PagesMadden? These â€Å"artificial brains† are a product of a technology called artificial intelligence (AI). AI in video games can be applied to nearly anything, such as a boss as big as a city to a bird soaring in the sky. They are used to create a sense of realism in what that item in the game would actually do in real life. AI uses many sets of complex algorithms and sequences to create relationships between different things that the AI has to distinguish and represent. There are many ways an AI can processRead MoreWarehouse Management Systems : AI And Cloud-Based Within WMS1255 Words   |  6 PagesKe Wang November 08, 2017 SCM479 Professor: Todd Taylor AI and Cloud-based within WMS Without technology supporting during the past times, companies manage their warehouse and distribution centers only by the working labors, which was not efficient and effective approach. For instance, workers can only work a limited hours a day that will cause the delay of information transformation. In order to manage the warehouse more efficiently and effectively, people create the Warehouse Management SystemRead More Game Playing and Artificial Intelligence Essay1546 Words   |  7 PagesGame Playing and Artificial Intelligence Abstract Since the inception of the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), game playing has had a key role. Likewise, AI has been an integral part of modern computer games. This collaboration of academic and commercial research and development into AI has yielded vast amounts of crossover technology. Academic research problems have become or influenced commercial games and the money gained from the commercial applications of AI have helped advance academicRead MoreArtificial Intelligence823 Words   |  4 PagesTwo months ago Open AI’s artificial intelligence beat the world’s best Dota 2 player in a one versus one battle. Unlike chess or go, Dota 2 doesnt have any simple rules that can be converted into algorithms for the AI. Instead it was merely given the controls, a goal, and time. It learned how to play just from two weeks of failures against itself until it was better than every human. This is the first complex, non algorithmic victory for AI and it is slightly terrifying because it means they canRead MoreArtificial Intellegence and Home Automation2031 Words   |  9 PagesArtificial Intelligence and Home Automation Abstract Artificial Intelligence, AI, is slowly making its way into society; the next big step would be to integrate AI systems into homes. AI would be a huge help to people of all age groups allowing for security and help in completing the everyday tasks that keep the house in order. A master system that controls climate, security, appliances, and domestic robots was implemented to help make families lives easier. We concluded that AI systems are readyRead MoreThe Human Brain And The Functioning Of Artificial Intelligence1587 Words   |  7 Pagesfunctioning of artificial intelligence. The purpose of my essay is to do exactly that – reconcile the difference by defending the argument that computers cannot think to the extent of biological human minds. I am in no way making a radical assumption that computers lack the ability to think at all, but there is a significant difference between concrete and abstract thinking which I will be referring to at a later time. I will make my argum ent against â€Å"strong artificial intelligence† by drawing onRead MoreDynamic Programming Model1014 Words   |  5 PagesEducators have reported interactive and personalized teaching methods are useful in improving students learning performance. If artificial intelligence is developed, it will be able to monitor student responses. Subsequently, AI can evaluate the students feedback to determine the best path toward the mastery of the subject. The dynamic programming model shows similar properties as AI. The dynamic programming model chooses an optimal action path from one state to another state to reach its objective. InRead MoreThe Growth of Artificial Intelligence and Its Relevance to the Matrix2789 Words   |  12 PagesSome are in fear of finding the truth, due to the fact it could have substantial affects on the entire human race. The world as we know it could prosper or fail with any new attempts in high-risk technology. Science and new advancements in artificial in telligence have made it accessible to finding out more than humans have every imagined possible. The development of the computer was a long strenuous process, which took many trials and errors to make effective as seen now in the twentieth century. It

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B.Machismo, Marianismo Familismo . Machismo, Marianismo

B. Machismo, Marianismo Familismo Machismo, Marianismo and familismo are central to Latino culture, and all three can increase the likelihood of IPV in Latina immigrants. Machismo and its female counterpart marianismo are held as the â€Å"ideal† male and female gender roles in traditional Latino culture. These Latino cultural traditions are two-sided; machismo and marianismo can be viewed as positive qualities, however, they can also allow for an unfair balance of power between partners. Stevens defines machismo as, â€Å"exaggerated aggressiveness and intransigence in male-to-male relationship and arrogance and sexual aggression in male-to-female relationships.† Conversely, the traditional marianista role is characterized by submissiveness†¦show more content†¦The Latina women in a study conducted by Hass also reported being battered in front of their children more frequently than the non-Latina women in the shelter. Latino families are less likely to discourage or put a stop to abuse within the family than members of non-Latino families. Some sort of summation of all 3 factors. C. Acculturation The process of acculturation can exacerbate existing cultural stressors and lead to increased instances of IPV among Latina immigrants. According to Kasturirangan, acculturation, â€Å"refers to the adjustment process that takes place as an individual adapts to a new culture.† There are two modes of acculturation: integration and assimilation. Garcia describes integration as â€Å"a mode of acculturation in which the acculturating individual develops a bicultural orientation and successfully integrates cultural aspects of both groups and feels a certain sense of identification and comfort with both groups.† On the other hand, Garcia defines assimilation as, â€Å"a mode of acculturation in which the acculturating individual loses his or her original cultural identity as he or she acquires a new identity in a second culture.† Either of these modes of acculturation can result in acculturation stress, which, according to Caetano, â€Å"occurs when the accultu ration process causes problems for individuals, that is, problems arising from conflicts between the immigrant

“A Taste of Honey” by Shelagh Delaney Free Essays

In writing, â€Å"A Taste of Honey† in the year 1958, what impact did Shelagh Delaney desire to leave on her audience members and what type of technique did she use in connecting them? Shelagh Deleney wrote her plays for the upper and middle classed of people where individuals could find the scenes completely opposite to what they were familiar with and saw everyday in society. Delaney didn’t focus on families being what everyone conceived them as, where the family consisted of the head of the household or the dad, working for the family in order to earn a living and then the mother who stayed at home and cooked and cleaned and tended to the children. We learn at 123HelpMe. We will write a custom essay sample on â€Å"A Taste of Honey† by Shelagh Delaney or any similar topic only for you Order Now com that Shelagh Delaney tells us that, (p.1) â€Å"The stereotypical play was where the men worked and the women stayed at home, cleaning and cooking.† Delaney wanted to offer something entirely different to her audience and she used her vivid imagination to shock her audience members with families that were entirely, untraditional. â€Å"A Taste of Honey† (back cover) offers to enlighten us that, â€Å"A Taste of Honey† is â€Å"a sensational theatrical success in London. A Taste of Honey was written by Shelagh Delaney at the age of 18. The play prompted Graham Greene to say that it had â€Å"all the freshness of Mr. Osborne’s Look Back in Anger and a greater maturity.† Delaney’s play was successful because of her originality. Delaney is compared to another great writer and is even paid the compliment that her writing is more mature than that of someone who is more experienced in the writing field and who is much older than Delaney. Delaney’s writing style was mature because she wished to connect with her audience members and to achieve that she found it necessary to write with maturity and on topics that would appeal to those members who viewed her play. In the first act of Delaney‘s play it opens up with two character entering a room, carrying their belongings. (P. 1) Book Rags teaches us that, â€Å"The scene opens in a shabby apartment in Manchester, England, in 1956. Helen and her teenage daughter, Jo, enter loaded with bags. Helen is described as a semi-prostitute, but her men are her only known source of financial support.† Delaney also writes that, â€Å"The Boy is a black sailor who appears briefly, professing love for Jo. He asks her to marry him and gives her a ring. They spend a week together during Christmas, but then he leaves for a six month tour at sea.† The young author is able to demonstrate an extremely adult situation in an era where this type of behavior was not accepted in connecting with her audience and gaining their complete and undivided attention. To connect more closely with her viewers, Delaney used scenes that depicted more mature subject matter, in catching and maintaining their attention of the scenes in the play. Did Delaney’s audience respect her work as she linked with their personalities? We learn in her biography that a fan said, After seeing the first production of Shelagh Delaney’s A Taste of Honey in May 1958, Lindsay Anderson said of the play in Encore: â€Å"To talk as we do about new working-class audiences, about plays that will interpret the common experiences of today-all this is one thing and a good thing too.† It is evident that Delaney cast a spell on her audience while reeling them in and capturing their full attention. They go on further to mention about the play, â€Å"A work of complete, exhilarating originality.† Delaney gained tremendous acceptance with her play and many individuals viewed and thought there was nothing else like the work that Delaney provided. Susan Whitehead offers that, â€Å"But, how much better even, how much more exciting, to find such theatre suddenly here, suddenly sprung up under our feet!†(p. 55-60) Delaney offered an exciting escape from reality in her play where people could gather and take in the scenes that Delaney offered for entertainment in order to grasp the affection of her audience.   Ã¢â‚¬Å"A Taste of Honey† is full of situations where the author left her audience in a gasp at her incredible imagination and thoughts on what life would be like if it were flip-flopped to something that was completely different than one would ever guess it to be. She is remarkable in her attempt to form situations that impress upons one’s theories and attitudes toward rules in society. How to cite â€Å"A Taste of Honey† by Shelagh Delaney, Papers

Ideas of insecurity Essay Example For Students

Ideas of insecurity Essay Leah Price is one of two twins born to Orealeanna and Nathan Price.. Her twin sister, Adah, has been physically handicapped since birth. Leah seems to be feeling responsible for this when she says on page 241 that . Leah also seems somewhat jealous of the fact that Adah, despite being physically challenged, she seems to be smarter than Leah, a quicker learner, one might say. An example is of the languages. Adah picked up on French and also on the dialect of Kilanga faster than Leah did, and because of this, takes it somewhat offensively. Leah is quite idealistic and passionate towards her family, especially her father. She always tries to be on his good side by helping him in the garden and with other such errands. Leah tries to follow in her fathers footsteps as much as possible, and this can be seen on page 244 when she says which implies that she always trusted his decision . However, upto that point, she seemed very narrow minded, believing her father was right about everything. She believed that the Congolese people would die and go to hell without the help of God, and her father was doing the right job and was persistent with the messages. However, when she sees her mother get out of bed after about a month of sickness and sees her go against her fathers authority, she realizes how short sighted and narrow minded she really was. This is seen when she says I doubted his decisionI wanted to believe himBut where is the place for girls in that Kingdom? The rules dont apply to us, nor protect us eitherTheres a grea t holy war going on in my fathers mind. She realizes that there is a world of insecurity out there in the world. This whole transformation Leah goes through makes her realize that her mother was right to flout her fathers authority. Leah is a quick learner in general and is also quite idealistic as she follows all her fathers sayings upto that particular point. She realizes that she is confronted with injustice of being a woman, racism because she is white and an African culture she admires instead of hates, despite her fathers practice. Leah is compassionate and has a sort of survivors guilt towards Adah for her physical handicap. She has lost basically all faith in her father due to the new ideas of her mother. She realizes that she has finally been set free by that revelation.

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Walmarts New Marketing Campaign & Tagline Case Study

References Questions: 1. Evaluate Walmarts new marketing campaign and tagline. Did the company make the right decision to drop Always Low Prices. Always. as a tagline? Why or why not? 2. Walmart does very well when the economy turns sour. How can it protect itself when the economy is on the rise? Explain. Answers: 1. Evaluation of Walmarts New Marketing Campaign and Tagline The traditional retail chain, Walmart, introduced their new marketing strategy on 2007 having the tagline, Save Money. Live Better, to ensure a better growth in their business. The new campaign has aimed to minimize the expenses of the consumers resulting in increase of their savings. Walmart made their new marketing campaign through television commercials to reach the mass. Those commercials denoted that in the current economic state, no other organization can help to maintain a proper family budget as Walmart (, 2016). The company has made the expense structure in such manner so that a family can save at around $3100 a year, which is quite reasonable in the case of shopping. Walmart has also communicated through its TV commercials that it has a substantial impact on decreased energy costs. Apart from that, it has been depicted that by a reduction in energy costs has also led to increasing in retirement savings and coverage of health care. The company took some measures at the time when the recession was prevailing by inducing massive price cuts during shopping to enhance the assurance of new customer enlistment (Steen, 2015). They also reduced the cost of the electronic goods and toys during the holidays by renovating the store structure. It was done through an effort named Project Impact. The project was initiated to maintain the stores cleaner, easy for mechanization leading to create a feel-good effect on the customers (Brea-Solis et al., 2015). Thus, the customers shop their product with the ultimate satisfaction as they desire. In a weak economic structure, Walmart has initiated a good strategy of having a product mix of forty-five percent consumabl es compared to its competitor Targets twenty percent (Yee Yazdanifard, 2015). Therefore, Walmart has become able to reach its target audience at the optimum level by imposing its new campaign. The tagline denoted that increased savings can result in the better satisfaction of a customer. If a customer can save money from a particular expenditure, then he can utilize the same for some other purpose (Anyon, 2014). The savings of the money from a segment and investing the amount in some other category makes a person feel better as he can think of investing his financial resources as per his desires. Therefore, more savings indicate the more buying power of a customer. Walmart decided to drop the tagline Always Low Prices, Always in the year 1996. As per the changing business scenario, the decision was right to take. In the year 1992, when Walmart opted the tagline to promote their activities, they were keen to get the maximum number of customers to buy products from their retail chain. At that point of time, to enhance the revenue at a constant acceleration, Walmart aimed to lower the price of its products (Truss et al., 2012). Due to that reason, a vast number of consumer base was created where customers affordability to buy products was much higher. But as time passed, the company realized that offering products at very low prices were eventually affecting their profitability. The margins were quite small which was hampering the position of the company in the competitive market (Steen, 2015). It was a wise decision to turn down the policy of making the price of the product low always as it ensured to sustain the company's excellence in the market. The company launched a campaign on price rollback where they highlighted the simple yellow smiley. The company exposed the smiley not only in the TV commercials, but also in the uniforms of its employees (Truss et al., 2012). It has been noticed that the campaign leads the business to recover its stock up to 1173 percent in the nineties. 2. Explanation on Protection of Walmart during Economy Rise Walmart has proven that it can flourish in its activities, even the economic conditions are not favorable. It maintained its prosperity when the recession was existing. When the economy is on the rise, it implies that customers have more liquid cash in hand indicating more buying power. Such conditions are favorable to sell the products more even at a much higher price. It denotes that there is a clear-cut chance of increased competition in the market as all the competing retail chains, jump with their full force to be the leader (Brea-Solis et al., 2015). In such conditions, Walmart should offer attractive discounts to its customers while selling the product. They should more concentrate on the visualization of their stores by making them clean, bright and readily available for proper mechanization as their competitor Target did during 2005 to 2007. Walmart should also make their TV commercials more attractive by launching favorite faces to gain more concentration from the target audience. As it has been noticed in the late nineties that, Walmart earned more revenue by adopting the smiley face campaign. Therefore, it should maintain it during the upward economic situations. Although the company should provide discounts, still the price should be reasonably high to achieve a good margin (Yee Yazdanifard, 2015). Moreover, to have a lead in the market share, the company should empower its activities like construction of buildings from recycled items, reduction of energy usage and transportation costs and also attract consumers for buying more green products. In the upward rise of the economic conditions, Walmart should maintain a healthy work culture for its employees (Anyon, 2014). They should do it by providing a reasonable pay structure to them. They should offer flexibility in shifts and leave, healthy work environment for women workers and a sufficient grooming to the entire workforce so that they can serve their customers in a better way (Truss et al., 2012). In February 2015, Walmart decided to invest $ 1 billion in training and grooming of the workers. The company should also enlarge the number of its associates which will spread their business throughout the globe. They should also develop a good relationship with the suppliers to ensure continuous delivery of products. Increasing the number of vendors will maintain the level of inventory in the stores meeting customers requirements. The company should also make an effort for the development of the manufacturing process so that more products can be launched (Anyon, 2014). They should advance for procuring renewable energy, should aim to reduce wastage and should start sustainability leaders shop to maintain their market share. References Anyon, J. (2014).Radical possibilities: Public policy, urban education, and a new social movement. Routledge. Brea Sols, H., Casadesus Masanell, R., Grifell Tatj, E. (2015). Business model evaluation: quantifying Walmart's sources of advantage.Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal,9(1), 12-33.,. (2016).Sustainability. Retrieved 24 February 2016, from Steen, J. C. (2015). How Customer Shopping Motivation Influences Perceived Design of the Retail Environment. Truss, C., Mankin, D., Kelliher, C. (2012).Strategic human resource management. Oxford University Press. Yee, M., Rashad Yazdanifard, F. (2015). How Consumer Behavior is Affected by Sight and Hearing in Terms of Promotion?.Global Journal of Management And Business Research,15(4).